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Free Copies of Goblin Quest!

As of 9/12/07, I have now given away all of my extra trade paperbacks, so this giveaway is officially closed. Huge thanks to everyone who entered!


All right, my sales numbers came in for the week, and they ain't as pretty as I'd like. So it's time for an experiment.

Folks have told me that giving away free copies of a book can help sales. Let's find out. I've got some copies of the trade paperback edition of Goblin Quest, and I'm giving them away.

What do I hope to get out of this? Ideally, I want you to read the book, fall in love with Jig, write glowing reviews on every web site you can find, tell all your friends and family to go out and buy it (the DAW edition, if you don't mind), and then I want you to go buy Goblin Hero and preorder Goblin War. Also, if you're friends with Oprah, I want you to hook me up.

Realistically, it's up to you. If you hate the book, that's fine. If you like it, but don't feel like recommending it, that's okay too. There's zero obligation here. Do what you feel comfortable with.

So how do you get your hands on one of these books? Simple. Just post a comment with your name and address, and whatever you think will convince me to send one your way :-) Comments are screened, so nobody's going to see your info but me.

And yes, I'll autograph them, so if you hate the book you can still sell it on eBay and turn a profit.

If you already own a copy, you're not disqualified ... but I'd prefer to get new readers with this, if at all possible.

I'll pick recipients in a few weeks. Possibly sooner, depending on how fast people snatch them up. Preference will probably go to people in the U.S., because I'm a cheap bastard. But if you live elsewhere, feel free to persuade me :-)

Finally, please spread the word to anyone you think might be interested. Because hey -- free book!

ETA: Lots of good comments. You'd think my friends list was made up of a bunch of readers or something! Also, you folks are fun! :-)

ETA2: I'm not going to start picking names until at least next week, possibly later. So don't feel rushed!

ETA3: Dang ... this is officially the most comments I've ever gotten on a blog post. If I sent a book to everyone who's commented so far, it would be over 100 books, to at least 5 different countries. Keep 'em coming! Also, sorry about my comment that managed to slip through unscreened last night, and probably confused some folks...


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