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Low Key Holiday

Two things that should not go together: Christmas and Food Poisoning.

We don't know for sure that it's food poisoning, but it took out 75% of my family last night, starting around 1:00 in the morning. I'll spare you the details, but it most certainly wasn't a silent night.

Things are better today, though we're not 100% recovered. But we got to watch the kids open their presents, which is always fun. (Mama went a little overboard again this year.)

Hope y'all are having a good day, whatever you might or might not be celebrating. I'm being summoned to go play Transformers, so I'll leave you with a goblin Christmas carol I wrote earlier this week.

On the twelfth day of Christmas,
Golaka made for me
Twelve dwarven drumsticks,
Eleven pixie meat pies,
Ten orcs all greasy,
Nine wizards basted,
Eight elves well-roasted,
Seven stews of halfling,
Six troll kabobs,
Five would-be chiefs,
Four dragon steaks,
Three klak beers,
Two princes fried,
And a manwich in mushroom gravy.
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