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Coming in 2009: Officially Licensed Goblin Miniatures

A Klausner review just popped up about the anthology Imaginary Friends [Amazon | Mysterious Galaxy], which includes this bit: "Person [sic] favorites include ... “Images of Death” by Jim C. Hines as the title character is a best friend who reminds the little girl of a Muppet". Except for the fact that the best friend is a fairly scary, never-really-seen creature, and the little girl is a boy. Otherwise though, yay for being a favorite!

And now, on to the announcement. Contracts have been received and signed, which means I can finally share that Garden Ninja Painting Studio will be making miniatures based on my goblin books. According to the contract, there will be as many as six different miniatures, and they'll be available for sale by this time next year. I believe they'll be available in painted and unpainted forms.

Check out their display galleries. I was quite impressed, and I can't wait to see what they do with the goblin crew.

This was an interesting experience. Garden Ninja contacted me, and I put them in touch with my agent, who then proceeded to do what agents do. I don't think my agent has ever negotiated miniatures rights before, but we came away with something I'm very happy with. I get to approve the designs before they go into production, and more importantly, I get samples of each mini they make :-)

I'm not going to put my kids through college with this deal or anything like that, but that's okay. This is less about the money and much more about the sheer niftiness. I started painting my own gaming miniatures more than 20 years ago. They were really really bad, of course, but it's always fun to give that warrior a scary black-bladed sword, then dip the blade into the red paint for the blood. Heh... And of course, Darnak the dwarf even has his own miniatures, which he uses in one scene in Goblin War [Amazon | Mysterious Galaxy].

In conclusion, sometimes being a writer rocks. Also, I think I deserve bonus points for finding a LOL book that fit with today's news :-)

I wonder if Garden Ninja will want to do princess miniatures...

ETA: They've also painted at least one miniature for Schlock Mercenaries, though I'm told someone else did the sculpt on that one.
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