Jim C. Hines (jimhines) wrote,
Jim C. Hines

Your Chance to Win Four New Books

Want to win four free books from some of SF/F's hottest writers?

Joshua Palmatier (jpsorrow), Diana Pharaoh Francis (difrancis), Elizabeth Bear (matociquala), and Jim C. Hines (jimhines) are teaming up to give away copies of their latest releases! One lucky winner will receive autographed copies of Whiskey and Water, The Vacant Throne, The Stepsister Scheme, and The Black Ship.

All you have to do is answer the following questions. Send your answers to jpalmatier@sff.net.

The deadline is January 25. We'll take everyone who got the answers right, toss their names in a (virtual) hat, and draw a winner.

Answers can be found on the authors' web sites:


Good luck, and please feel free to spread the word!


1: What is the title of the first book of the German release of Joshua Palmatier's THRONE OF AMENKOR series?

2: What is the name of the five-year-old daughter who was killed by the Chorl in the excerpt of THE VACANT THRONE provided on the website?

3: What quote from Christopher Marlowe's Tamburlaine the Great Part 1 serves as the epigraph to Elizabeth Bear's INK AND STEEL?

4: What's the first sentence of Elizabeth Bear's ALL THE WINDWRACKED STARS?

5: Who attacks Princess Danielle in the first chapter of Jim C. Hines' THE STEPSISTER SCHEME?

6: Who is Jim Hines' favorite muppet?

7: CURSED BY SYLVETH was the original title of which of Diana Pharaoh Francis' books?

8: What are some of Di's favorite things, as mentioned in her website?
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