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Jim C. Hines

Two Quick Points on Writing and Accountability

Huh. Goblin Hero is now available on the Kindle. So books two and three in the series are out there in electronic format, but not Goblin Quest, the first in the series. Ah well, I'm sure Quest will catch up eventually. Nice to see that DAW is getting the backlist electrified, though.

Yesterday's mail also brought painted prototypes of the goblin miniatures from Garden Ninja studios. Sweet! I had a few minor notes on the Jig figure, and I want to take another look tonight after work. (Last night I was out seeing Bob the Builder live with my son, so I didn't get home until late and had very little time to do anything.) We'll be getting miniatures of Jig, Darnak, Veka, and Golaka. I'm already thinking about doing an LJ icon from the Golaka miniature :-) In the meantime, you can see the miniatures they've done based on Branden Sanderson's Mistborn books.

I've mostly stayed out of the cultural appropriation debate, in part because I just don't have the time to dive into another Internet kerfuffle right now. However, I wanted to toss out two points about being accountable as a writer.

1. You're reponsible for what you write. Period. You choose what you write and what you don't write. Nobody else is out there making you write this or that, or setting rules about what you can or can't cover. Some choices are more marketable than others. Some may result in more conflict and confrontation than others. But it's your choice. That's why you're the writer, see. If you let other people tell you what to write, then we call you a stenographer.

2. You're responsible for your screw-ups. If you write, you're going to make mistakes. Deal with it. Sometimes it's a stupid mistake, like me completely messing up the science of solar radiation on the moon for a Writers of the Future workshop story. Sometimes it's falling into the trap of writing stereotypes instead of people. I've done that one as well. People will call you on these things. They're right to do so. Your job as the writer is to learn, and to do better next time.

Now, will someone please help me get the Bob the Builder song out of my brain?

Rosemary and Rue, by Seanan McGuire
Red Hood's Revenge

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