Jim C. Hines (jimhines) wrote,
Jim C. Hines

I shall call them ... Mini Goblins! (And also a dwarf.)

Just an FYI -- I'll be writing something up when I have a moment on the freezing of threads and banning of users. I've never banned, and have very rarely frozen any threads, but it's happened a few times, and I figure that would be a good thing to add to the info in the profile.

Now, on with the goodies!

From left to right we have Veka (from Goblin Hero [Amazon | Mysterious Galaxy]), Jig (with Smudge!), Darnak (from Goblin Quest [Amazon | Mysterious Galaxy] and Goblin War [Amazon | Mysterious Galaxy]), and Golaka the chef (with her SPOON!).

These are the prototypes -- they're made of resin instead of metal, and are much lighter than I'm used to. There will be a few detail changes in the paint before they go on sale, which should happen later this year. Jig's spectacles will probably be a slightly different shade to help them stand out a little more. Overall, I think Garden Ninja has done a wonderful job.

Some of my favorite details:

  • Veka's bedraggled book sticking out of her pouch

  • Darnak is holding his pendant with the hammer of Silas Earthmaker

  • The unidentifiable stains on Golaka's knives

  • Jig's boots, complete with flames!

  • Also, notice what Jig's standing on?

  • Smudge!

A few people commented yesterday that Golaka didn't look quite how they imagined. That makes sense, actually -- we all visualize the characters a little differently. Also, in addition to being Officially Licensed Goblin Collectibles (grin), these should also work for someone who just needs a few new miniatures for their role playing game.

I'll post as soon as these are available for ordering.

So, what do you think?

Rosemary and Rue, by Seanan McGuire
Red Hood's Revenge

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