Jim C. Hines (jimhines) wrote,
Jim C. Hines

LJ Forecast Calls for Light and Scattered Jim

Online presence will be light this week. My cousin-in-law is staying with us, and I've got another friend in from Ohio that I'll be catching up with. Add the ongoing work stress (currently locked into Ludicrous Speed), and I just don't have much left.

One quick update, though. Some of you might remember a while back, when I posted the map I had sketched out for The Mermaid's Madness [Amazon | Mysterious Galaxy]. Apparently the production designer looked at my black and white PDF and said it was done well enough to use in the book, assuming I could fix the dimensions.

So in addition to being the author, I'm going to be an official mapmaker for the next book. Strange, but I'll take it. I knew all of those hours making up maps for role-playing games would come in handy some day!

Hopefully I'll have some cover art to share pretty soon too :-)

In conclusion, 50,000 words and counting, baby!

Tags: mermaid's madness
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