Jim C. Hines (jimhines) wrote,
Jim C. Hines

Passing Along a Request

Each year around Christmas, I've done a book drive for a local domestic violence shelter. This led to a note I received yesterday from someone here on LJ. She has enough Paperback Swap credits for about 10 books, and wanted to donate them to a women's shelter or family shelter.

I don't believe the shelter I've been donating to has a Paperback Swap account, but I wanted to check and see whether anyone else knew of a good cause that might be able to take advantage of such a kind offer. Thanks!

220 comments and counting on the last post. For anyone questioning whether there's a need for this discussion, that seems like a pretty powerful answer. I don't have anything more to add right now, though there are things going round in my head that may come up in future posts. Mostly at this point, I'm working on processing it all. But I did want to say thank you to you all, and to welcome the new folks who decided to stick around. (Please feel free to defriend if it turns out I'm pretty boring most of the time ;-)

Superpowers, by David J. Schwartz
Amazon | Mysterious Galaxy
Red Hood's Revenge

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