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Declining a Hugo Nom

The deadline for Hugo Award nominations is March 10. (Which reminds me, I’ve got to finish getting my list of stuff-I-think-deserves-shiny-rocketships together.)

Last week, a friend mentioned that they were seeing posts on Twitter encouraging folks to nominate me for Best Fan Artist, based on the cover poses I’ve done.

I wasn’t expecting that. Thank you so much. It means a great deal to see how much people appreciate the whole cover pose project.

But I’m conflicted. The cover pics certainly seem to qualify as fan art, and they were done in 2012, so to my mind this would be a perfectly valid nomination. And I’ve got to say, winning a Hugo last year was amazing. It was one of the best moments of my life, and something I’d love to do again someday.

At the same time, even though the Hugo I received in Chicago was technically for my blog work in 2011, I’d be deluding myself to think the popularity of the cover poses wasn’t a factor. Accepting a nomination for Fan Artist would feel like I was trying to cash in twice for the same project.

Basically, the idea makes me uncomfortable. I won’t tell you who to nominate, but I will say that in the unlikely chance that I made the ballot for Best Fan Artist, I would decline the nomination.

Of course, if you wanted to nominate Libriomancer for Best Novel, that would be awesome and I’d love you forever. But when it comes to Best Fan Artist, it just doesn’t feel right. You honored me last year for my fan writing, and I can’t thank you enough for that. But there are are too many skilled, hard-working artists who deserve to be on that ballot this year.

In fact, if you have any thoughts on who should get a nod for Best Fan Artist or Writer this year, please share names and links in the comments.

Thank you.



Feb. 28th, 2013 12:17 pm (UTC)
Please don't decline a nomination if received.

I intend to nominate you. I intend to nominate you because you said something very, very important *about art in the field*. For me, it would be a real victory if we got your name on that ballot. I understand what you are feeling, but in this case I think you are making the mistake of assuming all Hugos are for the people who win them. They are also for the people who voted.

All the best
Feb. 28th, 2013 01:27 pm (UTC)
Hi Farah,

Okay, that's an excellent point, and now I'm back to feeling torn. On one level, I agree with you. If a bunch of people decided they wanted to nominate me, who am I to tell them they're wrong?

At the same time, while I very much appreciate and tend to agree that the conversation about sexism in art is an important conversation, do you feel like that was already recognized and honored last year with the Fan Writer Hugo?

Feb. 28th, 2013 02:12 pm (UTC)
A different honour for a different thing. One is for writing, the other is for the best conceptual art and staging of that art I have seen in a long time. And I *am* nominating it as art, not just because it's a statement.

Anyone wants to give me a Hugo for fiction* I'm not going to turn it down because I won one for non-ficton.

*I'd have to publish some first of course.
Feb. 28th, 2013 02:14 pm (UTC)
ps, by which I mean you didn't just do it (which is cool) but you did it *well (which is nomination worthy).

And I'm a Hugo winning critic :-) I get to say these things without blushing.
Mar. 6th, 2013 01:53 am (UTC)
All right, I've got a follow-up coming in tomorrow's blog post that references this thread and acknowledges the points you make. I'm still conflicted, but I'm reconsidering what you've said.


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