Jim C. Hines (jimhines) wrote,
Jim C. Hines

Artwork from Mari Kurisato

Over the weekend, author and artist Mari Kurisato started making a thing.

by Mari Kurisato

I’m not sure about her choice of subject, but I’m fascinated by the process of creating visual art. Turning a blank page/screen into a recognizable portrait or image is a kind of magic.

Plus, you know, this first layer made me look purple, which is awesome :-)

I turned grayscale in Stage Two. For the rest of these, you can click for a larger image.

by Mari Kurisato

But then the purple returned, along with a Star Trek reference! 😀

Also, I disagree completely with her claim that she’s not an artist. She so is, and anyone who thinks otherwise is wrong. So there.

(I believe she’s correct about not being a doctor, though.)

by Mari Kurisato

Wait, how did this get in here? Why, it’s Kurisato’s book Guns of Penance, described as “a fast-paced erotic techno fantasy that’s one part Mad Max, one part Kill Bill, with a dash of Delta of Venus.” The book just happens to be available as a free Kindle download today.

Yes, that was a hint.

This next image intrigued me. Specifically, the layer named “hyperbeard.” I’m not sure what a hyperbeard is, but I want one!

by Mari Kurisato

We’re getting closer, with more background details.

by Mari Kurisato

And here we have the finished image, complete with Smudge!!!

by Mari Kurisato

I immediately made this my Facebook icon, because why wouldn’t I? I’m in a purple leather jacket and I have Smudge, two things that make me happy.

I loved watching the evolution of this portrait, seeing the new layers of color and detail. And I’m both flattered and honored that she chose to create this. Thank you, Mari!

PS, Aha! So that’s a hyperbeard!

by Mari Kurisato

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