Jim C. Hines

It was a dark and stormy night. Suddenly, a goblin rang out...

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15 April 1974
I started writing Science Fiction and Fantasy (mostly the latter) back in 1995. Since then, I've published 50 stories, a dozen+ novels, and co-edited one anthology for DAW. I'm also a husband and father, so you'll probably come across the occasional cute-kid story. But the majority of what I post is writing-related.

My full bibliography is on my web site, if you're really curious.

Answers to a few oft-asked questions:

1. Can I link to something you wrote?

Link to a post? Absolutely! Anything I write here is meant for the public. Copy and paste the entire post in your own blog? No. Aside from the copyright issue, I sometimes add either corrections or additional details to my posts, which wouldn't populate to your copy.

2. Why haven't you friended me back?

Because I'm an evil, selfish bastard. Actually, it's because I've got two jobs, two kids, and a friends list that now exceeds 500, not counting the RSS feeds I follow on Google Reader. It's forced me to slow down a bit on adding friends. I could read more online, but at this point the only way to do that would be to slow down on my writing. (I can't remember the last time I did a friends-locked post, so you're not missing anything.)

3. What have you written?

Glad you asked :-)

Magic ex Libris:

The Princess Series:

The Goblin Series:


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